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Hi! My name is Victor Herrera, passionate about creating spaces that are beautiful, functional, and modern. I’ve been in the construction industry since 2003, specializing in bathrooms and kitchens, but I feel confident taking on different tasks in exteriors and interiors repair and design. La Rotta Home Improvements was born in 2018 as my knowledge in this career continued to grow. Resulting in bringing my clients ideas to life modernizing and optimizing spaces. Now, we strive to offer guaranteed results and give a home-like environment to each client.



La Rotta Home Improvements is dedicated to understanding and offering a bit more than any other home improvement company, we believe that design is needed to create modern, functional and beautiful spaces for each of our clients. All designs are welcomed here and together we will look into making them come to life.


We are invested in delivering the absolute best results for each of our clients. This is why we invest in looking out for the latest techniques, the ultimate materials and making sure our team is always up to date with everything within the construction field.

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Victor’s History

Hello there, my name is Victor Herrera, I’m 43 and I have dedicated half of my life to creating spaces that feel like home and taking people’s dream proyects  and bringing them to life.

Throught the years I have taken interest in different aspects within the construction field, constantly challenging myself to understand and practice different skills that will make my craft even better. Although it has not been a linear process I have taken joy in every step, from the handshaking with the clients to the floor instalations or even purchasing material to get the jobs done. 

I feel completly grateful for each person and family that has let me into their home trusting me with their privacy and time. I believe in retribuiting this with and impecale results and honest solutions that will bring the proyect to life and keep my clients content with the bussiness. 

I sincerly aspire to keep customer service one of the core pillars of our success as well as maintaing  an outstanding result the base of our company. We are very eager to continue expanding and creating with our clients and hope you can join us! 

Cole Russo

I've worked with different home improvement companies but Victor is very profesional and got the job done quickly and with great results. 10/10

Samantha West

We had a hard time finding someone capable of doing the remodeling job we needed for my dad, he's 75 and needed a railing in his bathroom. Victor was able to help me install it very quickly.

Jane Peterson

I didn't expect the process of installing new floors being so fast!

Tiffany Sayers

I can not say enough how pleased we are with a renovation Victor has just finished for us! He was very professional and easy to work with!
The house we bought had an additional room added a long time ago. Victor and his crew really killed. They had to put in concrete footing (temporary footing had been there for years), level the floor, take down the paneling, turna a window into a door, insulate the walls and put up fresh walls, and the built some beautiful steps for us. We will definitely be calling him back to do more work on out home! Thank you so much LaRotta Homeimprovements!

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